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May 19, 2006



I personally never believe polling numbers. The only true poll is the day AFTER the election.

Having said that, with Blackwell retreating from his beloved TEL amendment, it would not surprise me he loses favor with Ohioians who are trying to find a true leader, especially after the disasterous reign of Taft.

Should be interesting.

Michael Douglas

We the people will NOT be denied...

michael douglas

chris   holm

Hellio everybody this is chris Holm ! and yes i am back recovering from foot surgery the pain was fun I think not . It is great to stand and walk yes. Now enough about me to every Democrat we have to be united work together and work hard and even harder . AS THE PARTY UNITIER AND I AM 37 YEARS OLD I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE I WAS 7 YEARS OLD. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY THIS I HAVE SEEN POLL NUMBERS GO SOUTH ON OTHER CAMPAIGNS OVER THE LAST 22 YEARS. This year that is not going to happen FROM Ted strickland on dowen to the school is s.o.s i can ;t spell right. We have a chance to bring back pro consumer goverment back for the people of the great state of ohio . JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! EDUCATION! EDUCATION. I HOPE I DO NOT GET IN TROUBLE FOR SAYING THIS BUT AM GOING TO RISK IT I HOPE THAT HONDA PICKS OHIO . Sorry Governor JENNIFER GRANHOLM THOSE JOBS BELONG IN THIS STATE. WE MUST WORK TOGATHER AND REACH OUT TO MODERATE REPUBLICAN S THEY ARE OUT THERE. MUST GET THEM AND TALK TO THE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES. THEY SHOULD BE VOTING WITH US. I HAVE BEEN TALKING TO MODERATE REPUBLICANS . We are all Ted Strickland PEOPLE. We have to and we must must elect Ted Strickland governor. State senate race of 1984 in the 6 district state senate we were ahead and we lost and it has been lost ever since. I could not stress how important this election is . TO EVERY DEMOCRAT GET YOUR NEW SHOES AND NOCK ON THE DOORS AND TALK TO PEOPLE, I WEAR MY Ted strickland shirt every where. ok i have to go to bed i am still healing i have 4 hours of sleep to sleep. SEE YOU DONKEYS LATER

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