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September 12, 2006



That is unbelievable. What a bunch of imbecile's.


Bill Saxbe served Ohio in a distinguished manner for many years. While growing up near Mechanicsburg, my Dad would speak highly of Senator Saxbe; particularly when he would stand up for the same type of values that Ted Strickland wants to return to Ohio's leadership. Even though Dad was Chair of the local Democratic Pary, he admired the common sense advice that Mr. Saxbe gave Nixon. It is disappointing that Mr. Blackwell's staff is attempting to bring the gubenatorial race into the gutter with such unprofessional, incompetent behavior.

chris   holm

All Democrats I think should send Rocky Saxbe a short Thank you note there are good Republicans out there. They SEE WHAT IS HAPPING TO THIS STATE. WE NEED MORE GOLDEN RULE DEMOCRATS , GOLDEN RULE REPUBLICANS LIKE CHUCK HORN, LIKE Robert Hickey I AM TIRED OF BEING SPLIT.

chris   holm

WE NEED More Moderate Democrats WE NEED . I am a Loyal Democrat and we need to work togather with the Republican's that are moderate. This State IS SO SPLIT IN SO MANY PIECES IT IS NOT FUNNY. I AM GOING TO GO OUT ON THE LINE AND SAY THIS SOME DEMOCRATS WILL DISAGREE WITH ! But the fact of the matter is this party if we get the governor office lets do't go Hay WIRE AND I DO NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN MY SELF. AGAIN READ WHAT I SAID ON WWW.Ted Strickland.com Lets put the State FIRST AND THE PARTY SECOND.

Carol Ramsey

I am trying to find out whay you are about and what are your issues? I know that you are democrat , well so am I, but that is about all I know. I have tried to read your website, but it does not tell me much. I would like to know where you stand on the issues of 'the war in Irag', education for our children both first and secondary, taxes, and the rising cost of gas. I'm aware that the price is down now, is this politics? What do you hve to offer?

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