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September 27, 2006


William Schubert

Could someone please start running ads for Brown, Strickland, and what's his name (the guy running against Tiberi).

1. Air America needs the ad revenue.

2. Air America is the ONLY voice for Democrats out there, other than Olbermann and the Daily Show. (And the last two are only voices for Democrats when the Republicans do stupid stuff!)

3. I have no idea who the guy is running against Tiberi.

4. I, like a lot of other people, listen to Air America. All day. Even during the evening TV hours, I would rather listen to Air America than watch the crap on TV (which is designed to reinforce the Republican Philosophy).

5. There is no liberal media, other than Air America. See Jeff Cohen's book, Cable News Confidential



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William Schubert,

Shamanski is running against Tiberi.

Democrats need to air ads on the Rush Limbaugh Network, even more than Air America, because that's where the target audience is.

As far as the crap on TV: try watching Countdown with Keith Olberman on MSNBC at 8 PM Eastern, the Daily Show, and the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. I agree that a lot of TV programming is "designed to reinforce the Republican Philosophy", what with "The Point with Mark Hyman" on ABC, Glenn Beck on Headline News, Tucker!, and all of FOX. Witness the new CBS Evening News with Katie Couric's "Freespeach" fiasco. Did you know Bill Kristol has subbed for Charlie Rose on PBS???

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Keeping you in the know on the BIG BUZZ, across the country. A US soldier wrote good provocative new book: "THE ROAD TO AMERICA’S ECONOMIC MELTDOWN," by RAYMOND BERESFORD HAMILTON.
A US Soldier who fights wars for this country wrote this interesting work. One reader wrote: all Americans need to read this book both conservatives and democrats, it says a lot. There are important issues here that we all need to be reminded of. The book makes more sense than Dick Morris' "Catastrophe" or Glen Beck's nonsense "Common Sense."
It focuses on the system of government that has developed over time in America and its attitude toward the poor and its unconditional support for the wealthy. Which are good relevant points. This is a truthful book that hits home in many ways. It challenges the US Senate to do a better job of regulating the economy and to provide better protections for the future generations of Americans to come.
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Over at Firedoglake (FDL action) there is a contest going on for which progressive ACT BLUE will be giving money to) Right now Rep Grayson is in first place, with Kucinich running in second, then Rep Weiner, Rep Grijalva and Rep Massa in fifth place.

I am encouraging folks to vote for Kucinich and Grijalva because their votes reflect progressive values across the board. Kucinich of course has supported and voted for progressive values across the board. I point out that Grayson, Massa and Weiner all voted to condemn the Internationally recognized Goldstone Report. With this vote to condemn the honorable Judge Goldstone report they have essentially blocked this report from getting the recognition and full condiseration it deserves.

Kucinich and Grijalva voted NO against the lestialtion to condemn the Goldstone Report

Grayson, Massa and Weiner voted for the Iran Sanctions Act last fall. More warmongering legislation with unsubstantiated claims in it. Kucinich and Grijalva voted against the Iran sanctions act.

I want our Reps to know that we are fully aware of this huge contradiction. Progressive on health care, education etc. Warmongering and lopsided on Iran and the I/P conflict.

Please go vote for Kucinich and Grijalva. The are true progressives across the board


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