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September 24, 2006


Larry Parker

There is more corruption and mismanagment going on in the state. In Brown County the Clerk of Courts is Breeching the confidentiality of the court and her employees. She more then likely has committed several crimes.


it was actually $5,000 worth of casino chips. at this rate, allen mollhan from west virginia will be guilty of corruption of $400,000,000 instead of $26,000,000.

Mel Steffor

Who Killed JFK? The man that shot JFK was policeman. He was hiding behind a tree as the president drove toward him. The letters in the killers name are F. Ritter.

Mel Steffor

Only God knows who shot JFK. God gave me a clue word to who the killer was. The clue is FRITTERS. The killer was a policeman by the name of JD Tippit.

God told me and now I am telling you. Case solved.


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this guy is the most corrupt person I've ever seen, he is a complete dumb, seriously.

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