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September 22, 2006


barbara mooney

see people, this is exactly what i've been trying to tell everyone. from gov. dean to chris redfern. they all tell me the same thing. it's under control. IT"S NOT UNDER CONTROL! when i heard about taft, blackwell, petro, montgomery all being convicted of vote fixing, bribery, money laundering and extorsion, and saw blackwell and taft at the constant side of king george, i began e-mailing kerry everyday. i phoned him everyday, when his representative came to town, i told him the same thing. you don't need to be sherlock holmes to see in advance what's going down. WE MUST GET THE DIEBOLD AND TRIAD MACHINES OUT BEFORE THE ELECTION! i've told this to everyone, but i'm told the only person that can do this IS blackwell. IF WE DON"T ACT NOW, BLACKWELL WILL STEAL YET ANOTHER ELECTION! and then where will we be? i don't know about any of you, but I want ohio back! i want not to hear by cnn, and msnbc how corrupt ohio is. why is ohio this way, because no one can or will stop the crooked politicians. this is going to be up to us. but, how do we fight it? unless we have one really good hacker that can insure these machines can't be hacked into, which we all know better, then, we've already lost. if anyone has a suggestion, or knows how to fight this and needs help, let me know. let everyone know. i'm sure each and everyone of us can group together people to help.if nothing else, let's all pound chris redfern and gov. dean with so many e-mails and phone calls, they'll have to listen and act on it.


Take a look at the following. It demonstrates from August on that Bush generally was leading in all polls taken in Ohio. Kerry never led by more than 6 after September 1 and most polls has it within 4 points--going either way.


William Brandes

Don't miss "Hacked Democracy" on HBO today, Thursday, November 2. Look at local listings. Guaranteed to make you sick. Now, absentees are in disarray, so, if you have problems with the black-hole-machines, not much of an alternative. Obviously no one from the Blackwell campaign (Democrats are all perps) has responded. More crap. And, in the 90th (includes Knox, Mount Vernon) we are slamming hard at the incumbent state rep. Mr. Collier. Like other Republicans, this bobble-head ex-Amway salesman says alot that can't be backed up. Duane Grassbaugh, Democratic candidate for the 90th district Rep. is fighting back - www.grassbaugh.com - www.thomcollier.com - 5 days to D-DAY. Mr. Collier can always sell Amway. William

Frank Bellamy

Democratic Party Strategy Plan for 2008 Presidential Election
By Frank Bellamy, Political Consultant [imailisbest@sbcglobal.net]

The political party and 2008 Presidential Candidate that I will use for this campaign strategy plan is U.S. Senator Evan Bayh, Democrat from Indiana. The 2008 Presidential Election could be viewed as the Democratic Party’s opportunity to claim modern political dominance. In this political era of heavily funded campaigns and technology driven political consulting, political dominance is more apt to resemble social dominance as well. The Democratic Party may consider it necessary to repackage the ultra left wing liberals of the party into something more widely accepted by Middle American social and family values.

Before discussing the strategy of this campaign it would be wise to give some thought to the “Context” of 2008 Presidential Election (Shea and Burton 2001, pg 25). The 2008 Presidential Election will arrive on the heels of one of our nation’s most stunning displays of political party displeasure by the electorate in recent history [2006 midterm election ousting many Republican candidates]. This election will happen in a Time of War and international uncertainty. The U.S. Presidential Office is definitely in play this election due to term limits and an energized electorate. The U.S. national demographics in term of social attitudes are historically slanted towards the center of many divisive issues. This new aversion for being divisive may become the single thing to set a momentum against Democratic Party Presidential Candidate front runner Hillary Clinton. Many media reports portray Senator Clinton as being very divisive in her political positions. In my view the Democratic Party may consider the safer and more conservative appearance of Senator Evan Bayh. The Democrats may opt not to risk the nation’s possible rejection of a female or African American Candidate like Senator Barack Obama.

A FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll (Dec. 5-6 ’06) Question; "If the 2008 Democratic presidential primary were held today, for whom would you vote if the candidates were?” among the listing of some eleven capable Democrats Senator Evan Bayh was ranked near the middle of the pack at only 2% of the respondents selecting him.

Senator Evan Bayh’s poll ranking remained steady with very similar polling questions used in other polls like: (1%) WNBC/Marist Poll. Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2006. N=967 registered voters nationwide; (2%) CNN Poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation. Nov. 17-19, 2006. N=530 registered voters nationwide who are Democrats or independents who lean to the Democratic Party; (2%) USA Today/Gallup Poll. Nov. 9-12, 2006. N=544 Democrats and Democratic leaners nationwide (PollingReport.com Website 2006).

Fortunately for Senator Evan Bayh all of the Democrats ahead of him in poll percentages also offer the voters a good reason to vote against them as a Presidential Candidate. The Democratic Candidates that have lower percentages may not desire to risk their personal wealth at a long shot political race.

The Democratic leaders are promoting their party’s “50 State Strategy” plan for giving them a kick start for grassroots organizing across America. This plan was also mentioned in the book “Crashing the Gate” by Jerome Armstrong, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga The founders of the Daily Kos and MyDD blogs. The plan has some similarities to the Republican Party’s legendary G.O.T.V. operation.

“The Democratic Party is hiring organizers chosen by the state parties in every state -- experienced local activists who know their communities- Those local leaders recruit more leaders and volunteers until every single precinct in their area has a trained, effective organization of Democrats dedicated to winning votes for Democrats” (The Democratic Party Official Website 2006). This plan or idea for a plan is well received by Democrats at all ranks, its proof of value will be the ability to turn out Democratic Voters on Election Day.

Strategy Plan for the 2008 Presidential Election, Democratic Party based on Ohio county voting pattern, exit polling and campaign financing. The Strategic Political Plan suggests; what has to happen to gain the largest part of the voter pie, the tactics of this plan will encompass the things that the campaign team will do.

Voter turnout ranked above 50% of the Total Registered Voters for a great majority of Ohio counties [of the 88 counties 77 reached this 50% voter turnout rate]. More interesting was the heavy voter turnout in12 of the 88 counties that reached rates 60% and above (Ohio Sec. of State; 2006 Election Voter results). The unusually high midterm election indicates that the voters are energized and the Democratic Party will need to create some “Voter Perceived Shared Values” in their minds. A Democratic Party message of securing more jobs for Ohio would give the voters something that they can identify with, something that matters in the lives of the voters. Ohio voters seem to be genuinely disgusted with the Republican Party’s atmosphere of “Pay-to-Play Politics”.

The political strategy of continued over exposure of Republican political misdeeds can become an attraction for endearing the Democratic Party to the electorate in Ohio. The present anti-Republican Party national atmosphere can continue to play well in Ohio if the Democratic Party calls into question any appearance of a Republican Officeholder’s ethical mistakes. The Democratic Party is not likely to question every misstep of their opponents but this tactic used periodically could frame a strategy for promoting the notion for GOP mistrust.

High midterm election turnout percentages also suggest that the Democratic Party’s “50 State Strategy” plan will be well received by Ohio voters. The Ohio voter may now desire to feel that they are removing political power from the elite classes of the past that was evident under Republican Party rule.

The CNN Exit Polling indicates a stark contrast as to the voter’s opinions and the voting patters between Republicans and Democrats. The polls paint a picture of divisiveness that will make it fairly easy to predict certain elections based on factors like Race, the War and the National Economy.

The exit poll question of “Opinion of Bush” was especially telling in that the Republicans who were polled recorded 93% as Enthusiastic in their opinions of President Bush and 84% as Satisfied. While the Democrats when asked the same questions recorded 91% as Angry and 68% as Dissatisfied. These extreme differences are repeated throughout this entire exit poll. These percentages are very good for the Republicans because, even in the worse of political times they are still willing to almost blindly support their party’s positions and candidates. The notion of converting Republican voters to vote affirmatively on Democratic issues or candidates for even one election cycle would seem to be a waste of time. The Democrats on the other hand my find it easer to recruit swing type Independent Voters to vote for their party’s candidate. These types of voters can be convinced by using tactical political ideas that could excite them to vote anti-Republican but not necessarily pro-Democrat.

Political Campaign Finance and Campaign Fundraising will continue to set new donation and spending records. However, the Republican Party may find it simpler to raise political money; the polls show that 73% of Republicans rate the National Economy as Excellent or Good whereas the Democrats rate it as 73% Not Good or Poor. This vision of good national economic times may cause the Republicans to donate more money in the 2008 election cycle. The Democrats may find it somewhat pressing to raise money on the Rank-n-File levels because of this dismal view of the economy. This may cause them to pursue the ultra Left Wing of the Democratic Party for large political donations to stay competitive with the Republicans. And of course, the ultra Left Wing of the Democratic Party could include many of the West Coast Democrats with political demands of their own that may not correlate with Middle American values.

Frank Bellamy

Sen. Evan Bayh dropped out of the '08 Presidential Race.

Well…The Republican Party will win the Whitehouse in 2008

Frank Bellamy

Will the Obama “PC” Political Correct factor wear off on Election Day?

At the risk of being considered cynical, my first thoughts are to keep in mind the tried and proven “Errors” of Survey Research & Polls. Historically, people tend to consistently give the “PC” response to the interviewer’s questions during most political polls involving Black Candidates but on Election Day these same respondents will vote mostly along racial lines. [Excuse me for not citing]

Now with all that said; Is the Obama Campaign positioning their candidate for a possible Secretary of State position?....Is the Democratic Party willing to risk a chance to retake the White House on the nomination of a “Clinton/Obama” ticket?...when a “Clinton/Edwards” ticket is easily accepted by all America… If our nation is attacked within our shores; Will Obama’s Muslim name and heritage become a salient issue again?


Will the Obama Campaign be able to turn out it’s most energetic base [College age, Mostly white females, openly Liberal white males]?...this crowd has youth and lots of passion. They also seem to really identify with Obama and they like his looks & Style…


Is Obama’s Campaign reflecting the mood and move of American democracy?...

“What do you think?”

Frank Bellamy

“Clinton/Edwards” Democratic Party ticket is a Winner for America!

The Democratic Party maybe forced to discourage Senator Obama from accepting his party’s nomination for president under any circumstances…It’s my opinion that a Republican Party ticket naming Mitt Romney for President & Newt Gingrich as VP would totally sink most any Democratic Party efforts to win the White House.

The Republican Party ticket of Mitt Romney for President & Newt Gingrich as VP would send a satisfying message to the core of American Voters. At the end of the day, it is these voters who will elect our national leaders.

Mitt Romney has the personal look, background and marketing appeal that most voters will latch onto…Newt Gingrich is the Lighting Rod that will re-solidify the powerful consistency base of the Republican Party…

If Senator Obama’s name appears on the Democratic Party ticket in any form it will result in a Land Slid Victory for the Republican Party.

What do you think?

Frank Bellamy

Democrats like the “Clinton/Obama” Presidential Ticket!

In the political campaigns of major players today, nothing is left for chance or happenstance and all inter-party campaigns are coordinated with each other.

Knowing that fact…Lets think about Senator Obama’s most recent position of being willing to enter Pakistan to pursue Islamic terrorist if U.S. Intelligence verified their whereabouts.

This is a bold and forceful statement for any Democrat in considering that the core supporters in this party promote peaceful oriented actions. So was that statement targeted for the Democratic base or was it a gesture to the many crossover Republican and Independent swing voters?

The Clinton Campaign needs a “HAWK”!...someone who can act forceful without being “Abrasive or Divisive”…John Edwards can’t do that…he almost has the physical stature of Hillary Clinton…with all due respect to his manhood.

Many Republicans are poised to vote in the Democratic Primary election and they want to see someone as a Hawk on the War against Terror that will not turn and run from a fight…someone that is willing to take the fight to the enemy.

Senator Obama’s position is being attacked by fellow Democrats but, only to allow him to come out strong on the issue of aggressive action to eliminate terrorist safe zones in countries other than Afghanistan and Iraq. This position is shared by many Republican Party Voters.

Hillary Clinton’s comments at the AFL-CIO debate did give an appearance of being able to control Obama and that was a good move. Senator Dodd seemed to fall on the sword for Clinton in owing up to voting in favor of the war even though they both voted similarly.

Big Cheers for Obama at the debate and that adds fire to the Democratic Presidential Campaigns and they were all careful not to bash Hillary Clinton too badly. His comments on taking “Lobbyist Money” were easy on Hillary Clinton, but have a greater effect on the Republican Party candidates with his hints of “The Culture of Corruption” that has labeled this party.

Political scholars are reporting that Senator Obama’s support is actually legitimate and not just PC Correct rallying. Obama’s cyber Campaign of daily campaign emails with quick turn around times, to stay current on issues is causing a stir on the Internet.

Senator Edwards maybe just too short in stature to project an image of strength to most Americans, who think that our country is fighting the war too softly and that, will get no Republican Party crossover votes.

I think that the choice has been made; “Clinton/Obama 2008”…and everything after this should be “Republican Bashing & War Hawking” and the DEMS Win!

This dynamic could change with the “Romney/Gingrich” Republican Ticket!

What do YOU think?

Frank Bellamy

Professionally Trained Political Advisor!

Hello, my name is Frank Bellamy and I am an experienced well trained political advisor.

I am available to train you and your associates in the latest cutting edge applications of Modern Political Strategy & Campaigning.

This is a rare opportunity to have direct access to a University of Akron/Bliss Institute Graduate level candidate. University of Akron/Bliss Institute is among the world’s most influential Applied Politics and Research universities.

“Google”: Frank Bellamy, Ohio

“Email”: imailisbest@sbcglobal.net

“Phone”: (330) 782-0984

Univ. of Akron/Bliss Inst. Masters of Applied Politics-Graduate Student

Frank Bellamy

Courses Completed [39 Credit Course Hrs. needed for M.A.P. degree, 33 Completed]

1. 3700:572 Campaign Finance
2. 3700:672 Political Influence & Organizations
3. 3700:690 Political Science Insights
4. 3700:695 Internship (6 Credit Hours)
5. 3700:570 Campaign Management I
6. 3700:600 Scope & Theories of Political Science
7. 3700:690 Political Science Insights
8. 3700:571 Campaign Management II
9. 3980:626 Grantsmanship
10. 3700:690 Political Science Insights
11. 3700:601 Research Methods of Political Science
12. 3700:690 Political Scandal, Slander & Spin

Fall 2007 Semester
Courses Enrolled
1. 3700:577 Lobbying
2. 3700:655 Campaign & Elections Law

Frank Bellamy

Which Sounds like a Winner? “Romney/Gingrich, Romney/Thompson or Romney/Giuliani”

The National Republican Party is starting to streamline its focus towards selecting a 2008 Presidential Candidate ticket. “Romney/Gingrich, Romney/Thompson or Romney/Giuliani” ticket scenarios will all be filtered through the lens of questions like;

1.Can They Win a visual media campaign? I.e. “Can they look good on TV?”
2.Do they have any appeal to the “Low Income Non Ethnic Voter”?
3.Can they create a passion that will mobilize the “Religious Right Wing”?

My answers:

Romney/Thompson [NO]
Romney/Giuliani [NO]
Romney/Gingrich [YES]

Sen. Fred Thompson’s good old country boy southern sound has appeal but the cynical voter will see him as an actor more so than a national leader, that will be opposite the dynamic of Ronald Regan.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani seems like a nice guy but his appeal is only regional at best and he is not physically very attractive. He can raise big money but money will be a non issue for any Republican Party Nominee.

Rep. Newt Gingrich has that divisive rallying quality that can motivate the powerful Republican Party base of voters. This party needs someone with “Super Star” like qualities that will not be confused as a closet liberal.

The National Democratic Party seems to be committed to using their big money generating candidates to win the White House [Clinton/Obama in “08], with John Edwards waiting in the wings to replace Obama in the event of any missteps or negative changes in public opinion polls.

What Do YOU Think??

Frank Bellamy

Gov. Mitt Romney the 2008 GOP Presidential Candidate maybe just handsome enough to attract The Gay Male Vote away from the DEM’s and to the GOP…now that’s Great Politics!?...Go figure….

What do you think?


Frank BELLAMY Political Consulting advice for Gov. Mitt Romney

At this stage of Gov. Romney’s Presidential Campaign the voters will start to pay closer attention to his “non-verbal” actions and they will size him up, then ask themselves; Could he be a strong leader?...

Love it or hate it, he will be compared to George W. Bush as the voters view his non verbal skills and appearance. The voters view President Bush as a tough talking but also a tough walking kind of Bad Boy…And they like that about him!

Gov. Mitt Romney has a propensity to take “shorter and closed gated steps” when he walks. Gov. Mitt Romney appears to be in great physical shape and he is handsome but when a Tall or Big Man takes shorter steps when he walks it makes him look “Soft” in a non manly kind of way…and the voters don’t like that!

So…who ever is reading this post, please send emails to Gov. Mitt Romney’s Political Camp and tell them to have him take “Bigger and Bolder Steps” when he is walking in public.

What Do YOU Think?

Frank Bellamy

Prepare Yourself and Your Family…Why now?

I started writing this a few weeks ago and stopped…but maybe I’ll try to write more now.

Over the past 6-8 months I have experienced a continual intuitive like feel about something that is coming that appears much larger than my individual world. I have tried to ignore this feeling…and that is quite different for me because my intuitive nature has always served me well, even when I made mistakes…So I have learned to recognize and respect my intuition as a real entity. My son tried to convince me that I was only feeling the effects of living in this particular depressed area but it seems much greater than that.

I was completing my under graduate college years during our nation’s last gas shortage and I was buying distressed real estate during our last economic recession…but what we are headed for now is very different. Below are things that we have done or are doing at our home.

The following is a list of things that I recommend that you give strong consideration to:

1. Do an Internet search on ideas for Family Emergency and Disaster First Aid/Survival Kits. (https://www.redcrossstore.org)
2. Consider installing a safe and efficient Wood Burning Heat Source at your home (http://www.quadrafire.com/)
3. Consider Food and Fresh Water storage that will last for 2-3 months.
4. Consider buying personal and family self protection devices. (use your imagination)
5. Consider buying a Gas powered Electric Generator
6. Consider converting your Hot Water Tank from gas to electric power.
7. Consider driving your automobile much, much slower.
8. Consider putting these things on the top of your “Things to Do List”
9. Consider adding some more things to this list.

And be thankful that you are living in this area where the cost of living is very low.

B E L L A M Y '2008

What ever happened to the Clinton/Obama Presidential Ticket?

Early on it was my contention that a “Clinton/Obama Presidential Ticket” was a dead-on hard combination to beat by the present Republican Party teams. So what happened…I don’t really know but I can make a good guess at it?

My take on it is that the Clinton Team decided that they didn’t need an actual Black person as a running mate to control the Black vote. Rightly or wrongly and for whatever reason the Blacks love the Clintons. I think that Black people view the Clintons as being connected to urban America and that happens to include them. And somehow a female and a Black on the highest political ticket in the land appear to exclude the White male…and that’s not good.

The Clinton’s are political dynamos worthy of countless hours of research and study. They are real serious about the game of politics and they don’t mind bloodying the noses of anyone who gets it their way politically…and that can be a good thing if you work it right.

I think that when Senator Obama realized that he was not going to ride on the Clinton political train, he had to go on the attack in order to save face with his supporters who really thought that he could be president. You could almost feel his free-fall back to the real world of American who is not ready for his style, type and look as a national leader. My hope is that he can function at some presidential cabinet level.

What do you think?

bobby jowers

obama for president today tomorrow forever


Thx! :)

Frank Bellamy, Political Consultant

Who will be the 1st Presidential Candidate to campaign on the Platform of “American Protectionism”?

It’s almost a no brainier that this country is headed into uncharted economic territories and its time for this nation to Pull the Levers Up! Our USA Businesses need protection against the unfair competition of imports.

Our nation’s import trade policies are abused to the extremes and it has to be stopped by our leaders. Health Care must be socialized and only made available to Americans who can prove a long family lineage in this country. Restricted but free health care is better than the craziness that we have now.

Is Tariffs the answer?

What do you think?

Frank Bellamy, Political Consultant

Political “Media Agenda Setting” to Stop Democrats Hope for Change

What is Media Agenda Setting and how it works? In short you can think of it as; “The Media does not tell voters what to think…but the Media can tell the voters…What to think about”. Our news, Internet and entertainment Medias do this by selectively determining what they present to you [the voter] in their programming, reporting, timing and releases. Often times you are not aware of this gradual and effective tactic for controlling what you think about.

The 2008 Presidential Election Campaign will reveal this tactic if you observe closely. Some political researchers suggest that Agenda Setting is an action of the Elite Class of American society that controls all of us who reside at the lower stratums. Whereas some others consider Agenda Setting as public interest driven, as a need to report both sides of the story. Either way we are all told what to think about, which invariably influences our choices in the voting booth.

If you have been paying recent attention to the Obama vs. Clinton presidential race, you should know that the issues of ethnicity [race], gender and religion are the hot topics of the day. Of course we all expected these issues to be volatile but, why so early in the election cycle? It appears that guilt and political correctness is a heavy burden for the larger ethnic [White] community and no one wants to be branded as a racist. But some inter party brave soles [Geraldine Ferraro] are taking up this mantle as the need to win this election is paramount. More importantly, the Republican Media Pundits are all talking from the same play book of Agenda Setting to create an atmosphere to allow the voters to place these issues in the fore front of their minds.

The fun part of this Agenda Setting tactic will be to examine its effectiveness on altering the mood and thoughts of the voters over the next 6 months. If this tactic plays out as planned, we all [Blacks and Whites] should be able to find a reason why not to vote for any political ticket with Barack Obama’s name on it…so stay tuned.

Frank Bellamy, Political Consultant

I. M.A.P. Capstone Introduction

In considering all of the elements that are comprised in the make up of modern applied politics, one becomes captivated by a sense of future discovery in this rapidly evolving field. The theories, notions, hunches, methods and practices in this field are all ripe for continued discovery. The intertwining of the associated disciplines like Political Science, Public Relations, Psychology, Statistics, Finance, Advertising, Entertainment, Marketing and Sociology makes for a special uniqueness that is not seen in any other profession. Many political consultants can often concentrate their entire professional practices in only one area of applied politics and they can expect to be busy nearly year round. However, the academically trained political consultant has the advantage of being able to serve their client’s needs but also have the ability to shape and cultivate the political horizon. This ability can only be obtained through professional academic training that incorporates the blending of political strategy, analysis, communications and finance knowledge. Without this level of professional training one can only expect to make gross speculations in the field of modern political consulting and electioneering.

The cerebral element of applied political strategy can be fragmented into many encompassing subparts within itself but its affect will dictate the direction of the accompanying political elements like analysis, finance, and communication. With that in mind, the political analysis of a campaign is tied to the strategic political objectives that are attempting to be realized. If the political strategy recommends a certain demographic or issues consensus pursuit angle then the political analysis must make the necessary adjustments in order to reveal the avenues for success. The same idea holds true for the important political element of finance, in that the political strategy is the driving force in determining all components and measures that involves the campaign financial concerns. The use of political strategy in modern or new style political consulting is not only useful and necessary for winning elections but also for directing the elected officials/candidates to the needs of the citizenry for proper governance. Elected officials and political candidates are often vaguely aware of the wants, needs and desires of their constituency. They also have a lesser clue as to how they should address the concerns of their constituents. The academically trained political consultant can help the elected officials/candidates in providing good governance to its citizenry by discovering the proper strategies that will fill this vacuum. This model is also true for political analysis in being able to quantify the thoughts, moods and wishes of the voting population demographic of a region. This Capstone Project will detail the applied experiences of Frank Bellamy in two subject areas; 1). Individual Political Consulting experiences and 2). The Internship at the Mahoning County Republican Party Headquarters expereience.

My individual political consulting experiences are continual and varied. This effort will take on a new dimension once my M.A.P. degree is obtained; at the student level status I have volunteered my services in order to gain exposure in political consulting arena. However, as a degree holder I will be more aggressive in marketing my political consulting expertise as an academically trained professional. As a student I have written extensively on several political topics and submitted them to numerous Internet Blog sites. My political writings have always reflected my academic training that I received at the Bliss Institute by offering the reader something more than just my political gut feeling on a subject. I have purposefully taken steps in my writings to always appear nonpartisan because I the field of professional political consulting is becoming non biased professional service and is diverting away from its present day ideological appearance.

This internship experience reinforced my career goals by allowing me to implement the professional sales and marketing skills that I have acquired over the years. And I must admit this internship program brought to life many of my classroom experiences. The internship experience taught me that I have the natural inclination to seek out what needs to be done, without having been told exactly what to do. My practice of being assertive is tempered by the realization that, some people may perceive assertiveness as aggression. So my assertiveness is very evident however, it’s been my practice to implement my assertiveness through finesse and respect. There were times during my internship that I could have taken advantage of idle time and sought to procrastinate. In stead, I used my idle time to analyze the extent to which party candidates utilized this county headquarters office for their own political campaigns. I would assess the office for candidate literature, Yard signs, Banners and through conversations with other party workers. My personal evaluation of this internship and my graduate college experiences thus far leaves me very conscience of assignment dead lines. More importantly, I find this subject of Political Science [Applied] very interesting to me and I have a self motivated thirst to know more [the how’s and the why’s] about this subject. This college experience definitely has a professional career feel about the learning process associated with this subject aspect of political science.

If it had not been for my class room experiences many of the internship experiences would have been under appreciated. The system of party politics is very much like what I thought it would be and it offers many opportunities for creative marketing ideas. My perception of Republican Party politics has crystallized into an acceptance; that political party ideology and aggressive marketing will be the enduring factors for winning elections. The “something else”, that I found going on was not a surprise but a reaffirmation of what I have read in some of the recent writings about political ideologies and party politics. To actually be in the company of politically oriented people and to observe their individual personal differences play out as one unit in terms of their political ideology was very thrilling to me. This was an area of party politics that I had not witnessed before outside of my academic readings.

The classes that I have taken did prepare me for this job and my past work experiences also contributed effectively as well. The Campaign Management class is the class that I wish to have taken prior to my internship. The university’s courses in Campaign Management would have given me the advantage of taking a more critical view of the campaigns that I observed during my internship period. The “Political Influence” class taught by Dr. Brooks that I took last Spring Term ‘06 helped me tremendously in my mental framing for this internship. Before that class I had very little knowledge of the many components that effects and influences our political/electoral processes. That class experience taught me how I could see beyond the superficial aspects of politics and I was able to apply these teaching to my internship.

My internship experience was very well rounded and my suggestions for Interns who are considering political work for a candidate or an agency will benefit greatly from working at a Republican Political Party Office. My class room instructors were right in teaching that the American Political Parties are the major force in our political system. My suggestion for the intern supervisors would be to create a general work flow/task outline that can act as a basic guide for interns. A general work flow/task outline would help the intern bridge stagnate and idle time gaps that are a real part of the internship experience. I do recommend my agency [Political Party Offices] as a place for future interns. More specifically I recommend internships at Republican Party offices, not for ideological reasons but for exposure to state of the art political party activities.

The Internship and Political Consulting activities that are detailed in this project are related to the unique political environment of the Mahoning Valley of Ohio. This county is an example of the hard hit Rust Belt region of the United States. This county also maintains its hard core commitment to the values of the unionized workforce and an unyielding belief in the Democratic Political Party. It is a very real political risk for a candidate not to broadly accept the fact that; if you run for an election as a candidate outside of the Democratic Party’s umbrella you are almost guaranteed a political defeat. This is interesting because this county dose not conform the general Democratic Party’s belief in political, cultural or racial diversity. The Republican Political Party of this county is associated with the voters in terms of indirect alliances that will not label them as Republican Party members but sympathizers. In other words the Democratic Party voters of this county tend to be conservative in their practices but dislike the Republican Party label.

The ideal for understanding Mahoning Valley politics is to give strong consideration to the impact of the institution known as the political party system. The political party system is not the controlling factor for politics in the county but it surly sets the political environment, especially for the political candidate who opts not to hire a professional political consultant. The voters in this county want to hear apposing political views but they are very reluctant to vote for candidate who falls outside of the Democratic Party.

Frank Bellamy, MAP Political Guru

Frank Bellamy, MAP Political Guru

YSU Professor Paul Sracic maybe wrong on this one! Obama needs Clinton to avoid a John McCain landslide victory in Nov.

To think that Sen. Obama would have a remote chance at winning in the General Election is fool hearty at best. Our nation’s demographics are very vulnerable to TV, Radio and Internet negative messaging and the Republican Party is the best at political messaging.

An Obama/Clinton presidential ticket is the most competitive duo that the Democratic Party could hope for in this election cycle. If they couple anyone else with Obama the 527 Interest Groups will have a clear shot at targeting the flaws of Obama alone. Whereas, with Clinton on the ticket she could easily deflect many of the political attacks, but their ticket could be easily defeated by McCain and just about any Republican running mate.

Frank Bellamy, MAP Masters of Applied Politics

Political Advice for John McCain. How to cut into Obama’s vote!

The TV and radio political talking heads aren’t saying “Its McCain’s races too lose” anymore, the media has taken on a resolve that the world loves Obama. However, the election has just begun to unfold and McCain can lose this one if he sleeps too long.

Beginning now and until September 15th, the McCain for President Campaign should concentrate their electioneering efforts directly at the core of the African American communities around the nation using Direct Mail and Literature Door Drops tactics. This strategy is to create a Foot Print of Exposure in these communities just enough to let them know that you (the McCain for President Campaign) cares about and want their votes.

McCain should make bold fairly short appearances at NOT necessarily Black church activities, gatherings or even the local Black businesses. These appearances should include plenty of hand shaking and literature distribution that suggests more attention to the Black Senior Citizen voters. This relatively inexpensive political tactic will yield the following results based on the context of this 2008 presidential election.

The expected results will be:
The McCain for President Campaign-simply directing it’s focused attention on the African American communities for the next two and a half months; by this action alone it will dislodge some Black voters from Obama or at the very least it would pierce the mystic around his campaign. This will also set Obama up for the paid political attacks by the 527 Groups that could begin around September 1st. Political campaigns should not ignore the fact that African Americans are just normal Americans and they do not all vote in Lock Step and they do not all attend church but they all like political attention.

McCain’s un-bashful campaigning in these communities will be received as somewhat of an oddity but they will be excitingly remembered by these voters. Black voters just like all voters, like to feel a sense of “Familiarity” with their political leaders. Campaigning in these communities now will eliminate the possibility of appearing self serving later. A John McCain visit to a local Black business will have the effect of a $10,000 “Perceived Line of Credit Influence” and great advertising for that business.

By distributing political literature that suggests more attention to the Black Senior Citizen voters, this will create a “Buzz” in that demographic and could bring into question Obama’s attention to the welfare this large, loyal and mostly overlooked consistent voter. This strategy will also give McCain greater creditably with this group when his campaign has to use negative advertising on Obama.

After September 15th, McCain should then work to energize and prepare to turn out his Republican Party base by using a central political message based on “Ideology” alone. In addition, his Republican Party voter base will not hold it against McCain for campaigning in the Black community first. They will tend to admire his spunk and of course they know what it takes to win elections.

Frank Bellamy, MAP
Masters of Applied Politics

Frank Bellamy, MAP Masters of Applied Politics

NBC's Tim Russert’s death may influence the 2008 Presidential Election?

It seems so tasteless to talk about this but this is politics. Tim Russert was a long time and loyal Democratic Party operative since 1976.

He also hosted the longest running TV show in television history “Meet the Press”. Russert once said that “he felt a chill run up his leg while watching an Obama speech”.

Tim Russert was a big media (Free Media) supporter for Obama. How do you think the Republicans are feeling right now?

Ps, I watched his show every Sunday because he was a very good host. God Bless His Soul.

Frank Bellamy, MAP Masters of Applied Politics

Can John McCain gear up to Win? The clock is ticking.

Mr. McCain is nearing a critical point in his campaign now and if he can’t pull the noise-up in a quick fashion, this 2008 Presidential Election momentum will be all Obama.


Will the powerful reach of Conservative Radio help McCain pull off a last minute victory?


The 2008 presidential election will be interesting to examine the effect of the polling error “Political Correctness” by polling respondents when asked; “Will you vote for Obama even though he a Black man?” Aka; the Bradley Effect

Bradley effect
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term Bradley effect or Wilder effect refers to an explanation advanced as the possible cause of a phenomenon which has led to inaccurate voter opinion polls in some American political campaigns between a white candidate and a non-white candidate.

The name Bradley effect is derived from a 1982 campaign involving Tom Bradley, the long-time mayor of Los Angeles, California.

Bradley, who was black, ran as the Democratic party's candidate for Governor of California against Republican candidate George Deukmejian, who was white. The polls on the final days before the election consistently showed Bradley with a lead.

In fact, based on exit polls on Election Day, a number of media outlets projected a Bradley win that night; early editions of the next day's San Francisco Chronicle featured a headline proclaiming "BRADLEY WIN PROJECTED".

However, Bradley narrowly lost the race. Post-election research indicated that a smaller percentage of white voters actually voted for Bradley than polls had predicted, and that voters who had been classified by those polls as "undecided" had gone to Deukmejian in statistically anomalous numbers.

One month prior to the election, Bill Roberts, Deukmejian's campaign manager at that time, had predicted this behavior. He told reporters that he expected that Deukmejian could advance approximately five percentage points from what his poll numbers indicated, due to white voters giving inaccurate polling responses in order to conceal a racial prejudice.

What do you think?

Frank Bellamy, MAP Applied Politics

Successful Obama visit to Iraq could doom McCain in November

This 2008 Presidential Election campaign has the momentum that points in favor of Senator Obama. However, Senator McCain is not missing any opportunities to point out the flaws and policy short comings of the Obama campaign.

The more educated voters who understand that our government is comprised of a three branch governance system are becoming more resolved in their thinking that an Obama presidency will have its limitations on their daily lives. So the fear of Senator Obama’s inexperience in becoming the leader of the free world is relaxed even thought our nation is at war.

The one thing that may result in a large number of “Conservative, Moderate and Undecided Voters” to lean towards Senator Obama is; If he has a successful and safe visit to the Iraq war zone. This type of visit will negate the McCain impression of being stronger militarily in the minds of the disinterested voters who will definitely show up at the polls in November.

If Senator Obama pulls off a successful Iraq visit before Senator McCain and the Republication Party can implement their negative media framing plan, Obama will inherit the shield of a “Political Teflon Coating” and all attacks after that will have no affect on him.

What do you think?

Frank Bellamy, MAP
Masters of Applied Politics

Frank Bellamy, MAP Masters of Applied Politics

Political Scientist Dr. Binning hints that McCain’s visit may appeal to the Pro Clinton voters?

Political Scientist Dr. Sracic says “They're not gonna win the Mahoning Valley”…

Both of these great minds are very correct but the winning factor for McCain in this Election will be the intensity of his conservative ideological message to the voters. It could be speculated that in a few short months the nation’s attitude could change from that of “Change” to “National Security” and this would alter the Obama political momentum.

The quicker energy cost raises the more noticeable our lifestyle changes will be and this should breed for a higher level of fear throughout the entire population. In that type of national environment the voter appeal could be “Economic Stabilizing” or even “National Protectionism”.

Senator McCain’s campaign might be wise to discontinue all “Issue or Position” campaigning and go directly to “Contrast” type campaigning to begin highlighting the ideological differences between himself and Senator Obama.

Issues like; Economic Stabilizing, National Protectionism and National Security are all still Republican Party ideals.

What do you think?

Frank Bellamy, MAP
Masters of Applied Politics

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