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September 01, 2006


chris   holm

To all the Democrats that what a Democrat U.S.SENATE AND A U.S. HOUSE. IF ''''THE BIG IF HAPPENS WE BETTER NOT BLOW IT IN 2008 .''' That means LETS GIVE THE YOUNG DEMOCRATS THAT ARE IN THE U.S. HOUSE A CHANCE AT THE CHAIRMAN SHIPS. Lets not have our party that just looks out for our people , lets look out for Independents that plan on voting our way , And even Moderate Republicans that are voting our way .Remember THE Ted STRICKLAND GOLDEN RULE PARTY Remember we are the common sense party. If we get sloppy and stupid with the power then we will lose it just as easy in 2008. Just like Republican'S DID IN 2006. ''' That BIG if we win big '''' Lets use our power Wisely ok , If we do not then we deserve to lose it in 2008. That means NO IMPEACHMENT DO NOT MISTAKE ME I AM A LOYAL Democrat the country do'st want to go thourgh that we have Problems We are going Bankrupt in this country. This country is split in how many pieces this has got to stop IF we have to compromise on SOME BILL'S Then lets do that oK' I WISH WE HAD CHARLE Stenholm in Congress , Moderate mainstream Democrats like Doug Applegate , I THINK IT IS GREAT THAT WE HAVE A CONGRESSWOMAN THAT IS A MAINSTREAM DEMOCRAT FROM Toledo , Ohio that is Marcy Kaptur this is a big tent party ok. This party as long as I HAVE BEEN IN THIS PARTY EVER SINCE I WAS A KID ME INCLUDING I WILL BE HONEST. Have Always not Respected the conservative Democrats in our party and I AM so sorry and I REALLY MEAN THAT TO There will be some Democrats that will disagree with me but if we cared about the mainstream and conservative Democrats We would be in power across the United States AND I THINK WE ARE DOING THAT EXACT SAME THING NOW WE ARE 30 YEARS Late Sorry Pro Life Democrats for not including you in the party the past 20 years. Thank you Marcy Kaptur for being a loyal fighting Democrat and a caring and compassenate , PRO LIFE Democrat We must reach out to All Catholic Democrats ,AND BORN AGAINS TO THEY ARE GETTING THE SHAFT JUST LIKE WE ARE.They should be voting with us. I have to Blunt now . I AM FOR THE Howard Dean 50 STATE PLAN AND THE PRAGMATIC PLAN '''''''Mark Warner in 2008''' We are a United PARTY Get out and work Hard on the capaign trail ok. REMEMBER 1994 WE DESERVED TO GET OUR ASS KICKED PLAIN AND SIMPLE WE GOT LAZY AND SLOPPY. Lets do not repeat that any time soon ok.

barbara mooney

i'm thrilled to see this article. but people we can't take anything for granted. how did blackwell steal the presidential election? he preprogrammed the diebold machines. he's making it hard for people to vote. and if sherrod brown doesn't start fighting back hard at dewine's lies, he may as well forget it. a couple of weeks ago, cnn and msnbc ran an article that diebold voting machines were being sold on e-bay. they demonstrated how to preprogram them and how easily it was to replace parts. and as for the triad machines, this company is also owned by republican senators. and why hasn't anyone brought up the fact that blackwell was convicted of vote fixing, bribery, money laundering, and extorsion? it's public record. he was convicted the same time as taft, petro, montgomery, and one other high state official.so, we can't rest. we've got to keep fighting and fighting back hard.

chris   holm

Sherrod knows excactly what he is doing he learned from the loss against Bob Taft in 1990 .Sherrod has fire in his belly I have know him for 24 years. since I was 13 years old in 1982 when he was 28 years old running for the Ohio sec. of State job he did a great job. Sherrod know's how to fight hard when pushed around.

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